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I bought both your revision packs in December 2014 and I took my Numeracy test today and passed first time!

I found your packs so so helpful, as all the information I needed was in them, and I was able I work through them in a logical manner without feeling overwhelmed.

The techniques for mental maths were especially helpful, as that is something I have struggled with in the past.

Thanks again,

Shona, January 2015


Two pass qts maths test at 3rd attempt with intense tuition

Ellie contacted me : "It's my last attempt I've got no confidence left and it'd be great if you could help"
We fixed up a convenient date, she drove from South London for a couple of hours intense qts maths tuition and took the qts numeracy test the next day.

The result:
- "I passed my test today David! Thank you for all your help!! "
Ellie, May 29, 2014

Abby contacted me in late April and asked for help to pass her last chance. She was really stressing about her qts maths test and thought some 1-1 help would really help. She had a two hour and a one hour intense qts maths session and took the test the next day.

The result
- "Hi David, Just to let you know that I took the qts maths skills test today and passed! Thanks so much for your help, the techniques you taught me really helped me with the mental arithmetic." Thanks again,
Abby, May 29, 2014

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QTS Numeracy Maths Test (tutoring QTS maths since 2006)

Mental maths, statistics and applying arithmetic, Tuition, Resources ...

Your qts numeracy skills test is one of your most stressful experiences.
With these up to date resources (2015 syllabus), used by 100's to pass QTS numeracy, you can achieve your dreams of becoming a teacher.

The numeracy test had a change of supplier in December 2014 from Pearson to learndirect.I've checked out the new format and can tell you that although the presentation is fresher, the syllabus and individual question content is the same as before. So this material is bang up to date for 2015. See resources for details.

teachers qts maths testMental arithmetic - discover the simple, but crucial short-cuts you need. Practice by listening to our mental arithmetic tests, each with twelve questions and timed just like the real thing. Then listen and watch the three videos showing you the secrets of answering quickly.

qts mathematics test On-screen general maths and statisticsApplying arithmetic and statistics. Practice with our powerpoint based Statistics and Applying Arithmetic tests each with sixteen questions. Then watch the animated answers clearly showing the step by step process of answering.

qts skills test coaching tuitionQTS numeracy Coaching. You can't leave your QTS numeracty test to chance, too much depends on it. I am very experienced at coaching trainee teachers to pass their qts numeracy test, with a deep understanding of the material. Here's details of my qts numeracy test tuition and extensive testimonials.

stress practice qts maths testResources - overcoming stress, Teachers TV, pdf practise material, etc

Mental maths quick fire

  • What's the difference in years and months between two dates 20/06/1981 and 20/04/2014 ?
  • A students scored 14/25 and 20/25 in test, what was the overall mark as a %?
  • In a test of 35 marks, I got 80% right. How many did I get wrong ?
  • 12.5% stayed school dinners ....., what fraction didn't ?
  • Class was 1hr 20mins long, 20mins spent on intro, 25 mins on.., 10 min on..., how many mins of class remained ?
  • Teacher drove 25 miles each way to training session, 5 times, fuel cost 40p per mile how much was her expenses?
  • Teacher did spelling test, class of 50 gave her 18p each for all the 30 words she got right, how much money did teacher get ?
  • Teacher did spelling test, class of 75 gave her 12p each for all the 12 words she got right, how much money did teacher get ?
  • What is 450 x 0.5?
  • What is 60 / 0.3 ?
  • A pupil had 100 to spend on trip, came home with 30 Euros, conversion rate was 1.2 Euros to . How much did he spend?
  • You can do 'in a class of 25, 7 are girls, what percentage are girls' but can you do te reverse ... what is 64% of 25?
  • What is 1.4 hours in hours and minutes?
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