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Gwen Ineson, module tutor for primary mathematics at Brunel University says

"I thought the QTS numeracy material was great! I really like the way that you demonstrate how to tackle each question within the time limit. My research is in mental maths, so it is a big part of the course at Brunel and we go through a range of strategies that they could employ for these types of questions, before they begin to take the tests. I did a session preparing trainee teachers for the skills tests yesterday and gave them the link to your website.

"I just wanted to say thanks for providing such excellent resources for the QTS Numeracy test. I wish I had known about them sooner.
As an experienced teacher (without QTS) I joined a teacher training course at the end of the academic year, with a term and my summer holidays to get through the work and tests.
I took my maths test today - just a week from the final deadline, and am so pleased I discovered your video download last night to prepare me for it! I felt so much more confident doing the mental maths section once I had seen it as a game of 'spot the shortcut', and your tips were invaluable. I'm pleased to say I passed too!
Dawn, Teacher August 2010

"I received the qts numeracy skills test package today and passed the numeracy skills test first time!"
Clare, Trainee Teacher October 2009

"I've got the material now and it looks that a different approach will be useful - actually hearing a spoken voice and watching the workings out is very helpful - the brutal simplicity is also very useful"
Jane, Trainee Teacher July 2010

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Numeracy Skills Test

Mental Arithmetic Pack (single copy - not for group teaching)

Mental arithmetic is the most stressful part of the QTS Numeracy test.

We've coached trainee teachers through the QTS numeracy test over many years and now we're passing our insights onto you. To make it easier to understand, we've packed the crucial mental shortcuts into an audio-visual pack. For use on a PC, for only £9.99 you get:

  • Three aural mental arithmetic tests (12 fresh, original questions each)
  • Three aural/visual mental arithmetic videos, answered in real-time
  • Short book (pdf) of mental arithmetic questions, with crucial short-cuts
qts numeracy mental maths Demo video 1

Practice by listening to our mental arithmetic tests, each with twelve questions and timed just like the real thing. Then listen and watch the three videos showing you the secrets of answering quickly. The question and answer videos all run using Windows Media Player which comes with Microsoft Windows. If you are unsure load this sample to check you have it before you buy.

After you buy via secure paypa1, you'll receive an email (from my distributor) within minutes. The email contains a link which you use to download everything via MathsMadeEasy in a zipped file. So no postage and no waiting for the post to arrive!

The zipped file (44MB) contains everything above in 7 files (6 WMA and 1 Pdf) and will take several minutes to download at normal broadband speeds (2MB).

The mental arithmetic test is an audio test heard through headphones. A calculator is not allowed. It must be done before the 2nd on-screen section and questions are timed to follow automatically in sequence. If you have unanswered questions check out our FAQ

Aim to get most of your marks from the statistics and applying general arithmetic part of the test.
Take a look at our pack on statistics and applying general arithmetic.

After purchase, if you don't get a response quickly, please contact us as the email address you provided is probably incorrect.

NB These are not the same questions as shown on the Department for Education website and are original questions that follow the syllabus.