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I just bought the QTS numeracy mental arithmetic section you design to make it easy to understand for people like me.

It a fantastic tool to unlock people's potential like me, great job.
Now I wonder when the On-screen pack is going to be ready as I cannot wait to have it. This test is stopping me of getting my QTS award. ES
- your request is answered !

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Numeracy Skills Test

Statistics and applying general arithmetic section - animated pack

The second part of the QTS numeracy test is less pressurised, but with a time limit of 36 minutes so it can still be stressful. Sixteen marks are awarded for this section and you can use the on-screen calculator. Make sure you get most correct, if you are weaker at mental maths.

We wanted to ensure our explanations are totally clear and simple so we animated them! Using powerpoint's animation tool, we created dynamic, step by step solutions so you can achieve complete understanding. So do the mock on-screen tests then sit back and step through the detailed animated answers.

qts maths scatter graphs on screen questions

Download and Watch a sample of the above in animated powerpoint.

For only £9.99 you get :
  • Two mock QTS numeracy tests of "on-screen" questions (16) (powerpoint)
  • Two animated, step by step explanations to the mock questions above (powerpoint)
  • Animated statistics and applying general arithmetic overview with QTS numeracy questions
The question and answer videos all run using powerpoint which comes with Microsoft Windows. If you are unsure load this sample to check you have it before you buy.

After you buy via secure paypa1, you'll receive an email (from my distributor) within minutes. The email contains a link which you use to download everything via MathsMadeEasy in a zipped file. So no postage and no waiting for the post to arrive!

The zipped file contains everything above in 5 ppt files and will take less than a minute to download at normal broadband speeds (2MB).
Make sure you save the zipped file as we can't send replacements!

If you have unanswered questions check out our FAQ

Don't forget to take a look at the material available for the mental maths part of the test.