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  qualified teacher status numeracy test
Each mathematics trainee is paired with a PGCE trainee from Drama, Art, Music or Design Technology who needs some support with passing the QTS numeracy skills test.

They work on a Monday for 2 hours one-to-one (this is a timetabled commitment for all mathematics trainees) and most offer further sessions informally. It has proved a great success for both parties. When else do trainees get such an opportunity?


Changes to the qts skills tests Nov 2011

Re-sit numbers

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Numeracy Skills Test

Resources - books, worksheets, etc

Resources that may help you pass that "darn" qts maths test!

From September 2012 you can sit the test once and then have a chance at two re-sits which you pay for. If you fail all three of these attempts you cannot attempt them again for another TWO years.
For students who are already studying, this applies to you.
For students who are going to be joining the course in September 2013, you have to pass before you get on to the course.

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