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qts skills test tutor
I recently purchased your Numeracy QTS package, it was brilliant and helped me loads. However, I am still struggling with the test and failed it yet again. Would it be possible to arrange a private, one to one tuition from you?

I have found that few math tutors have ever heard of the qts and aren't geared up to coach. You are an exception.

qts skills test tutor contact

Feel free to contact me by phone or email using the details under the header of this webpage

QTS Skills Test tutor - Numeracy Skills Test Tuition

QTS maths test specialist one to one coach with 10 years experience

Since 2006 I have helped 100's of trainee teachers to pass their qts numeracy test. See my testimonials!

Save money on tuition, with my mental maths and statistics & applying general arithmetic packs. Both packs contain unique questions and thorough explanations. They are up to date for 2016.

If that doesn't do the trick you may need specialist, one to one coaching. I'm based in Toddington, which may seem far from you, but many of my students have travelled a long, long way to see me. Not really a big deal, when your career depends on passing your qts numeracy test.

It's down to earth, specifically focused on the test and you will go away with fresh strategies to pass.

How much qts numeracy tuition will I need?

If you are failing by a few marks, then one or two session (usually 2 hour) should suffice. Otherwise longer is required. I advise my students to buy my material before starting tuition to give them a head start.

How much does it cost and where are you?

Fees are £35 per hour. One to one tuition takes place in Toddington, Beds which is centrally located on the M1, junction 12, 30 miles drive from London with a frequent rail link from London (St Pancras-Bedford line). Luton airport is nearby.

Read the comments below and lots more on my testimonials page

Hi David Despite several tricky questions, missing a few mental ones and even needing the toilet in the middle due to nerves (and actually being allowed to go), I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!
I genuinely thought I'd failed as I'd run out of time and had to guess a couple due to my time running out, however, your tricks really helped speed things up. Area also actually came up! As did speed distance time.

I don't quite know what to do with myself now as this has been a year of being told I didn't have to retake, retaking, failing, barred, appealing and having it lifted... and hard, hard study. You were fantastic and your kind words of encouragement really gave me the boost I needed.
Heather, Twickenham, August 2015
(Heather had tuition previously, but didn't feel he was fully QTS test knowledgeable and he overwhelmed her due to her Dyslexia.)

I saw David face to face for 2 hours and he taught me things that meant I passed third time. I'd practically given up hope but I learnt some fast tricks and he reinstalled my confidence.
Alice, Suffolk, August 2015


Hi David, Thank you very much for your time on Friday morning. I sat my third and final test today and passed! It was really hard, most of the questions seemed to be focussed on my weaknesses and I ended up running out of time and guessing slightly on the last few questions! I was very surprised that I passed!
Deborah, August 2015, (failed first by one mark, second by five)

In July, 2013, Charlie from North Yorkshire said...

Hi David, Great news!!!!! I passed second time.

Thanks for all your help and the qts numeracy pack. It definitely would not have been possible without your tuition and pack. It was worth the trip!! (he travelled twice over a few weeks).

There is no way I would I have passed without you showing me the graphs, simplifying numbers and especially dividing. Your pack was brilliant and offers a step by step guide, it really is massively helpful. In my test there were a few graphs I had no idea about if I'm honest, but the mental arithmetic was pretty much the same as what we had practiced.

Well worthwhile if somebody struggles numerically. I was a person who literally struggled with basic adding up but managed to pass! Thanks again
Charlie (North Yorshire), July 2013

On May 3rd, 2012 Pooja from London, wrote:
I've been struggling with getting to grips with all aspects of the numeracy test and regardless of reading books and practicing online, I still can't grasp how to answer the questions. As the new rule for tests come in soon, I would really like some intensive tutoring as I am fearful that I won't be able to teach due to failing the numeracy. If tuition is possible, I'd be grateful.

We had a 1 hour coaching session focusing mainly on mental maths.

On 10th May, Pooja wrote: I failed yet again and did worse on the mental arithmetic as well as the stats. Very stressed out!

On 15th May, I coached for 2 hours MAINLY on the 2nd part of the test. The test does not show you where you failed, so you may think you know something when you don't! I needed to make sure everything was clear.

On May 16th Pooja wrote: Thank you do much for your help yesterday. The good news is that I passed somehow! You have been fantastic and I will recommend you to others.

In March 2012, Satchet emailed...
"I took the numeracy test again and needed 5 more marks to pass. I think I need your coaching skills"

We arranged to meet and Satchet drove the 140 miles from Bristol to Toddington for a two hour session on Monday afternoon and then back again! He took the test the next day at 7pm. At 8pm I received an email...

"I took the test today and passed! I am so overwhelmed with excitement. Thank you so much for your support. This was certainly a challenge for me and now I can focus on what I'm good at - Teaching!"

Satchet, secondary school teacher

Hello David. I would just like to thank you for your help, patience and support yesterday. I took the test today and PASSED, I can't believe it. I am truly grateful and will recommend you to others.
Christine, July 2011

Success at last !
I have always struggled with Maths and panicked under test conditions. Having failed the QTS Numeracy test on several occasions and with only 6 weeks until the end of the course, I felt the need to gain some help.

David's calm teaching style put me at ease right away, he provided me with the necessary strategies to answer what I originally felt were complicated questions, in quick easy steps.

With David's teachings and practice at home, I passed the QTS test with considerable ease! David has not only helped me gain QTS, he has also instilled a level of mathematical confidence within me, which I never thought possible.

Chantelle, June 2011

I failed the test again by 5 marks. I am really fed up now.
I will have to come and see you as I am worrying a lot now. I think I have taken this test 7 times of which the first time I failed by 2 and now it's getting worse. I just don't get it.

One and a half hours of lessons later...

I took the test today, failed by one on mental maths again!!

but later...

You will be pleased to hear that I passed.
Thank you for developing such wonderful and useful material: so much better than all the support that I have had from the university.
Even at the tutorial you instilled in me the confidence that I could do it.

Dionne, June 2011