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About QTS Numeracy Test 

QTS Numeracy Test is partnered with QTS Maths Tutor the most comprehensive numeracy skills test provider available who help to get you ready for the test. Our website has been established for a number of years but we have recently updated our content to provide the most up to date information for the QTS professional skills tests. We now even provide support for the QTS Literacy Skills Test. Therefore if you are preparing for your professional QTS Skills Tests, you can use us to get the information you need to help you undertake the qts skills test practice and ultimately get your numeracy ready. 

QTS Maths Tutor provides 21 Numeracy Skills Tests and 12 topic tests all with worked solutions, giving you step by step instructions on how to solve every question type. Get ready and pass your QTS Maths Test with our support! All the practice tests and revision materials are mobile and tablet friendly so you can even practise on the go! In addition to this you can now access the QTS Literacy Skills Test Practice site for Literacy skills resources. To get a QTS Maths Tutor discount code, follow this link. 


QTS Maths Tutor offers expert numeracy skills tuition alongside the best qts numeracy practice tests. With questions designed by Maths experts and experienced tutors you can be assured that the content of the QTS Maths Tutor tests follow the government guidelines and offer a comprehensive revision resource for your professional numeracy skills test. With 12 mental arithmetic questions and 16 written data questions. the practice tests are very similar to the real professional skills test. You can now even sit a literacy skills test.

In addition to the 21 qts maths tests, the membership offers you 10 revision topic tests and over 660 model solutions for every question to help get you ready. The tests are updated with new question types all the time. Do you require 25% extra time? Well these numeracy skills tests have that feature as well as other features like practice mode which removes the timer and a button which enables you to see the mental arithmetic questions in written form. Have a look at the QTS Maths Tutor free numeracy skills practice test and see how useful you find it. You can also book a Literacy Skills Test Tutor so there is help for both QTS Skills Tests. 

What QTS Maths Tutor is all about

QTS Numeracy Test recommend QTS Maths tutor as the best place to find practice numeracy skills tests and numeracy skills books and resources to help you get ready for the test.  

QTS Numeracy Test FAQ's:

What is the professional numeracy skills test pass mark?

The pass mark for the numeracy skills test is currently 18 out of 28 or 63%.

What is the professional literacy skills test pass mark?

The pass mark for the literacy skills test varies with each test as the number of marks it is out of changes. The best measure you can use for the test is a percentage score of around 63%-65%.  

Is there likely to be a numeracy skills testing centre in my city?

Yes, there are numeracy skills testing centres all around the country including all of the major cities from London to Liverpool. 

How do I book my numeracy skills test?

You first need to register through the Governments qts skills booking system. You can then book your qts maths test via the learndirect website

Where can I buy a numeracy skills test book?

You can buy numeracy skills test books via QTS Maths Tutor. You can also read in depth reviews about the top 10 QTS skills test books. 

What is the cost of taking my numeracy skills test? 

The first attempt is free and each subsequent attempt is charged at around £20 but please check the learndirect website to confirm this amount hasn't changed. 

Can I book a numeracy skills tutor through QTS Numeracy Test? 

We don't provide numeracy skills tutors directly but we are happy to recommend QTS Maths Tutor as the leading tuition and test provider in the country.  

What are the best QTS Maths Tests out there?

There are a number of practice numeracy skills test providers including qts maths test.com and QTS Maths Tutor so it is difficult to know who to use. We are affiliated with QTS Maths Tutor because we believe that their numeracy skills tests and service gives prospective teachers the best chance of passing their skills test.

What is the professional numeracy skills test pass mark? 

It is reported to be 18 out of 28 which equates to 63%, but this is dependent on the test as each skills test is standardised to make them fair. 

What is on the numeracy skills test?

This varies from test to test but the topics which the government tell you to revise include: fractions, decimals, percentages, cumulative frequency, box plots, two way tables, other ways to represent data, calculating averages, proportions and ratio's, unit conversions and speed calculations.

How do I pass the professional numeracy skills test? 

This is a very good question but a tricky one to answer. We think the best way to pass your exam is to practice authentic numeracy skills practice tests like those provided by our partner, QTS Maths Tutor

What happens after my third attempt of the numeracy skills test? 

In the old system before the February 2018 rule change you would have been locked out but this has been abolished. You can now take the professional skills tests as many times as you need in order to pass them but remember your training providers will set a strict deadline by which you will have to pass them by. 


I am on my third attempt of the qts maths test, what should I do? 

Firstly there is no need to panic as you will not be locked out. If you have to book a 4th of 5th test it just means you have to pay for your resits. Rather than continually retesting our advice is if you have failed once or twice then do something different. If you haven't already then consider purchasing a testing package to help you and if this isn't enough then an expert numeracy skills tutor can help. 


Do you offer help for both QTS Skills Tests?

Yes we can also help you with your literacy skills test as well as the numeracy side of things. As our network has grown we have developed relationships with exceptional literacy skills tutors who have the experience and know how to help you pass the literacy skills test. So in short, yes we can help with both professional skills tests. 


Is there any other Maths revision resources you would recommend? 

Yes, Maths Made Easy offers exceptional GCSE Maths revision materials and past paper questions. They also have excellent GCSE Maths tutors in Leeds and London. For anything QTS maths test related, stick with us. You may also want to look at maths flash cards and the Nudge maths app to help you effectively enhance your basic maths skills and mental arithmetic. 

What about the literacy skills test, is there any resources for that? 

Yes, you can access a free literacy skills test, along with a literacy skills test book. 

How do I get a QTS Maths Tutor discount code? 

You need to join their facebook group in order to get the QTS Maths Tutor discount code


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