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The Brighton QTS Maths Tutor reviews can be seen through Trust Pilot. These independent reviews highlight the quality of the numeracy skills test and tuition service provided. With over 190 reviews and 98% being 5 star, QTS Maths Tutor is the best rated QTS maths test provider there is.

QTS Maths tutor provides Numeracy Skills Practice Tests in Brighton. The numeracy skills test package offered by QTS Maths Tutor is one of the leading packages in the country. The other great thing about these QTS Maths Tests is that you can try before you buy, with full use of the free QTS Maths practice test. The £19.99 testing package offers so many key features including:

  • 21 numeracy skills practice tests

  • Over 260 mental arithmetic questions.

  • More than 400 written data and graph questions.

  • Model solutions for each and every question. 

  • 25% extra time option for those who need it.

  • 8 revision topic tests so that you can practise your weak question types over and over.

  • Comprehensive answer sheet giving you a full break down of the numeracy skills question types.

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QTS Maths Tutor offers numeracy skills practice tests to help people to pass their qts maths test. We have partnered with QTS Maths Tutor to bring the future teachers of Brighton a discount on your numeracy skills test package. Whats more, if you visit QTS Maths Tutor directly you can access a free online numeracy skills practice test to help you pass. 


If you are in Brighton and preparing to take your professional literacy skills test then there is an equally excellent service, QTS Literacy Tutor. This is the only online resource which offers literacy skills tests in the same format as the real exam. The spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension sections are covered in the correct style. You can also access a free literacy skills test. In addition to the tests you can book an expert Literacy skills tutor if you require the additional support. 


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We work in conjunction with the countries leading numeracy skills test and tuition provider, QTS Maths Tutor, to bring you the most comprehensive, professional numeracy skills test revision resources. 

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