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Are you in Cheltenham preparing for your professional numeracy skills test? Well the QTS Maths Tutor, QTS numeracy tests are one of the best resources out there. Take a look at their independent reviews.

QTS Maths tutor Numeracy Skills tests and discount codes for Cheltenham

The professional numeracy skills test is a daunting thing for many prospective teachers. Knowing how to pass your numeracy skills test is quite tricky as many don't know how difficult it is until they start practising the government tests. Even if you have a A at GCSE Maths it isn't a straight forward test because of the timing constraints and the intricacies of some of the questions.


The best possible practice to help you pass your numeracy skills test is to use qts maths exams in the same format as the real thing. With QTS Maths Tutor you can do this and because we are the official partner we are able to give a QTS Maths Tutor discount of 10%. Use the code below and get access to over 260 mental arithmetic practice questions and 21 professional numeracy skills practice tests!    

QTS Maths tutor provides Numeracy Skills Practice Tests in Cheltenham. If you are preparing for your numeracy skills test and you are looking at ways to help you pass it first, second or even third time then you have come to the right place. QTS Numeracy Test is the official partner of QTS Maths Tutor, the leading provider of online numeracy skills tests and tuition. 

The QTS Maths Tests in Cheltenham are provided by QTS Maths Tutor and have the following features:

  • Practice Mode so you can remove the timer and practise questions without the pressure. 

  • 25% extra time feature to give the time to those who are awarded it. 

  • 29 numeracy skills practice tests in total. 

  • Over 660 qts maths test questions.

  • Mental arithmetic questions.

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