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If you are looking for a qts numeracy tutor in Leeds then you are in the right place. Many people initially opt for a GCSE Maths tutor as these are easy to get hold of but we believe it is essential that you get tuition from an expert Numeracy Skills Tutor in Leeds who has extensive experience of helping people to pass their qts maths test. 

QTS Maths tutor provides Numeracy Skills Practice Tests in Leeds. If you are at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity or even the University of Leeds and are preparing to enter your teacher training programme then we can help! We understand that there is a lot of pressure that comes with the professional numeracy skills test and that it isn't easy, no matter what people say, the Maths is tricky! The best way to prepare for your qts maths test in Leeds, or which ever learndirect testing centre you may enrol for, is through practise of realistic numeracy skills tests. Well with the QTS Maths Tutor qts maths tests, you can be assured that they cover all of the correct topics outlined in the government guidelines and they are updated regularly to reflect the new question types that appear in the tests. 

QTS Maths tutor Numeracy Skills tests discount code Leeds 

QTS Maths tutor discount code gives prospective teachers in Leeds the opportunity to access the best numeracy skills practice tests at a reduced price. These numeracy skills tests offer the following: 

  • 21 qts maths tests with over 650 questions in total.

  • More than 650 model solutions including some video solutions for the government tests. 

  • 9 revision tests to help you overcome your weak areas, whether that is percentages of proportions or another topic.

  • A unique practice mode which enables you to strip out the timer and practise without the pressure of the clock.

  • 25% extra time for those who get it in the real exam.

  • Many more features to help get your numeracy ready.

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We work in conjunction with the countries leading numeracy skills test and tuition provider, QTS Maths Tutor, to bring you the most comprehensive, professional numeracy skills test revision resources as well as numeracy skills tutors in Leeds. 

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