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If you are preparing to sit your professional numeracy skills test in Newcastle then we have the best resources available. Through QTS Maths Tutor you can practice mental arithmetic questions alongside written data questions in the correct test format. Read some reviews of the service to see what you think.

Those of you who are at Newcastle University or Northumbria University waiting to do your PGCE, you will be well aware that you have to pass your numeracy skills test prior to starting your teacher training. This is the same for those students who want to go straight from their A Levels at Newcastle 6th form college or Heaton Manor School or any other college as it is a government requirement. 

There are numeracy skills books, online tests such as numeracy ready, G&A Numerical and qts maths, who all help you to prepare for your numeracy skills test but not to the same level as QTS Maths Tutor. We believe that QTS Maths Tutor offer the most comprehensive numeracy skills tests available online accessible to all the prospective teachers of Newcastle. 

QTS Maths tutor Numeracy Skills tests discount code Newcastle

The QTS Maths Tutor discount code for Newcastle, soon to be teachers, is a way in which you can access online numeracy skills tests for less. These tests contain the following: 

  • Mental arithmetic questions

  • Model solutions for every question

  • Video solutions for test 1

  • Written data and graph questions

  • 25% extra time feature

  • Practice Mode where you remove the timer to help you practice without the time pressure.

  • Much, much more

All of these features are designed to get your numeracy ready for the professional numeracy skills test so that you pass it first time. If you have used another qts maths test website and failed, don't worry, give your self the best chance in you qts resit...


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We work in conjunction with the countries leading numeracy skills test and tuition provider, QTS Maths Tutor, to bring you the most comprehensive, professional numeracy skills test revision resources. 

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