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Read some Trust Pilot reviews if you are a prospective teacher in Southampton who is looking for numeracy skills tests to help you prepare for your professional QTS maths exam. The QTS Maths Tutor reviews are possibly the best reviews you will find with every previous user commenting on how useful the numeracy skills practice tests were.

Are you in Southampton and preparing for your professional numeracy skills test? Are you looking for resources to help you prepare and pass? 

Most people purchase a numeracy skills book before realising that this alone isn't really enough in order for you to prepare effectively for your qts maths test. The best way to get your numeracy ready and give you the best chance of passing your numeracy skills test is by practising tests which offer the same online format as the real thing. Well the tests we recommend do exactly that! 

The QTS Maths Tutor qts numeracy tests offer online answer submission, 12 mental arithmetic questions followed by the 16 data questions, which is typical of the learndirect numeracy skills tests. 

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If you are looking for a QTS Maths Tutor discount code then qts numeracy test is the best place to find one. We offer the biggest discount with direct access to the 21 numeracy skills tests. So if you are a soon to be teacher in Southampton and you need to pass your numeracy skills test you are on the right site. 

The professional qts numeracy test is something which many people find difficult to pass, the Maths is tricky and the timing cranks up the pressure and because you only have 3 attempts it increases the pressure further. Our advice is treat every attempt as your last one and try to pass it the first time. This is easy to say but difficult to do unless you work really hard and get access to the best qts maths test resources. 


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