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Numeracy skills books, practice mental arithmetic questions and practice papers are all good but only authentic numeracy skills tests in a similar format to the final exam will give you the preparation you need to pass your numeracy skills test. Read the QTS Maths Tutor Trust Pilot reviews to see what people say about their online tests.

The QTS Maths tutor discount code for Wigan can be found below. If you are preparing for your numeracy skills test and want some support whether that is in the form of exceptional qts numeracy tests or from a trained numeracy skills tutor, QTS Maths Tutor can help. 

Whether you are about to start you PGCE or you are going to enter your initial teacher training at a school such as Wigan Catholic Primary School Direct, you will be required to pass your professional numeracy skills test and the QTS Maths Tutor resource pack can help you to do this.

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QTS Maths tutor provides Numeracy Skills Practice Tests in Wigan. If you are in the process of preparing to take your numeracy skills test in Wigan and you are looking for things to help you prepare then you are in the right place! 


Some people opt for a numeracy skills book or look to sign up to service such as numeracy ready, G&A numerical or other qts maths test providers, but we think there is only one service to use and that is QTS Maths Tutor. These tests contain:

  1. Mental arithmetic practice questions

  2. Online answer submission

  3. Written data questions which closely follow the governments guidelines.

  4. A format that is similar to the Learndirect numeracy skills tests.

  5. Many more features to help you pass! 


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We work in conjunction with the countries leading numeracy skills test and tuition provider, QTS Maths Tutor, to bring you the most comprehensive, professional numeracy skills test revision resources. 

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Many prospective teachers are also preparing for other maths qualifications. If you are preparing for a GCSE maths resit or a functional skills exam then you may find the following services useful.

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