Mental Arithmetic Questions

People who are preparing for their professional numeracy skills test nearly always report that they find the mental arithmetic section tricky. Whether it is the timing aspect or the difficulty of the mental Maths, or both, people find the first section of the numeracy skills test difficult. At QTS Numeracy Test we propose the following to help you to succeed at the mental arithmetic questions:

1. Practise as much as you can. The more you do the better you will get.

2. Learn the most effective methods for solving problems to help you speed up. Using model solutions and YouTube is good to help with this.

3. Practise tests in the same format as the exam. QTS Maths Tutor offer a free practice test that enables you to submit your answers online.

4. Make sure your times tables are sharp and learn all of your decimal, percentage and fraction conversions.

5. If you are still struggling get help in the form of an experienced numeracy skills tutor.

With persistence and determination you will improve on the mental arithmetic questions and your overall score on the numeracy skills practice tests will improve. Keep working hard and stay tuned for our next blog.

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