What is the pass mark for the professional numeracy skills test?

Prospective teachers often call up our service and during the discussion will ask, what is the pass mark for the professional numeracy skills test? Well the pass mark for the qts maths test can change and does depending on the overall performance of other people in the country. The average mark required to pass the numeracy skills test is reported to be 18 out of 28 which equates to 63%. For those who are preparing and revising for your numeracy skills test, our advice is that you aim to achieve 18 or above in at least 3 new qts maths practice tests before you take your real exam. Many people underestimate how difficult the numeracy skills test is and often fail their first attempt but feel okay because they have two left but then if it doesn't happen on the day of the second exam all of that pressure is put on the final attempt and this really doesn't help.

At QTS Numeracy Test our advice is to prepare to pass the numeracy skills test on your first attempt and do this by practising really intensely for a number of weeks (not months) making sure you do at least one practice qts maths test every day with revision in between. If you are struggling to achieve 18 on the practice tests then you can always look to seek additional support in the form of a numeracy skills tutor but we advise that you only do this if you are finding it difficult to obtain the pass mark of 18 on the numeracy skills practice tests. If you do decide to get a tutor make sure they have extensive experience in the numeracy skills test and they are not just a GCSE Maths tutor as although the content is similar the exam format is totally different and you need someone who knows this inside out so that they can provide the best methods to help you pass your numeracy skills test.

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