Professional Numeracy Skills Practice Tests

The professional numeracy skills test is a difficult and daunting test for many. There are all sorts of practice materials and revision resources out there that claim to get your numeracy ready for the test. From numeracy skills books to YouTube videos and model solutions for the government practice tests, there are many resources out there. We believe that by far the most useful resources are the numeracy skills practice tests provided by QTS Maths Tutor. The QTS Maths tutor tests contain the following features:

  • 21 professional numeracy skills practice tests, online and interactive.

  • Over 650 model solutions, one for every question.

  • More than 260 mental arithmetic practice questions.

  • Authentic tests with an accurate timer, online answer submission and much more.

  • An onscreen calculator just like in the real qts maths test.

  • Topic revision tests to help you practice your weaker areas whether that be percentages, ratio's or cumulative frequency curves.

  • Many more features to help you get ready for the numeracy skills test.

If you are looking for numeracy skills test resources, qts maths test revision materials or numeracy skills practice tests then QTS Maths Tutor can help you to get your numeracy ready and pass your numeracy skills test.

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