Numeracy Skills Test Area Questions

The professional numeracy skills test is always being updated with new question types and although the topics do not change the style and type of question certainly do. At QTS Maths Tutor we monitor the types of questions that come up in the most recent tests via feedback from students who have taken them. We use this feedback to update and amend our numeracy skills practice tests to ensure that they accurately reflect what is on the real exam. In recent weeks many students have reported that more and more area questions have been appearing on the QTS maths tests. These questions have included 'the football pitch' question as well as the area of a circle, rectangle and other shapes and scenarios. We have therefore updated our online numeracy skills tests to include more area questions and we have also added an entirely new topic revision test with over 10 area questions on to help you practice for your professional skills test. All of these additional materials are either free on the QTS Maths Tutor site or have been added to the testing packages which have not increased in price. As part of the QTS Maths Tutor team we are committed to keeping our tests the most up to date and relevant tests out there to help everyone prepare for and pass their numeracy skills test.

If you are looking for a online numeracy skills practice tests or a numeracy skills tutor, contact us today or visit the QTS Maths Tutor site directly. Together we will help you to get your numeracy ready in order to pass your professional skills maths test!

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