Mental Arithmetic Practice Questions

The professional numeracy skills test is quite tricky, we think that most people would struggle to pass the numeracy skills test if they hadn't had much practice; there is certainly a knack to answering the mental arithmetic questions. At QTS Numeracy Test we are constantly looking at ways to improve our service to help people prepare for and pass their numeracy skills test. We believe that one of the secrets to passing your numeracy skills test is nailing the mental arithmetic section as this is where many people fall down. With only 18 seconds after the second repeat of the question you have to be super quick with your mental maths in order to be able to answer the question within the time limit.

One way of improving your mental maths is through practise and what better way to practise than using online mental arithmetic questions which are in a similar format to the professional numeracy skills test mental arithmetic questions. Well at QTS Maths Tutor you can use online practice mental arithmetic questions to help you prepare effectively for you numeracy skills test. The questions are in a similar format to the real exam and have the same time restrictions and online answer submission. Once you have sat 21 numeracy skills practice tests each containing 12 mental arithmetic questions you will feel a lot more confident about the question types and realise that there are quick tricks you can use to get to the answers and that these tricks can be used time and time again for multiple questions. What is so great about the QTS Maths Tutor mental arithmetic practice questions is that they all have model solutions so you can see exactly where you have gone wrong and learn the quick tricks to help get your numeracy ready and prepared for your actual exam.

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