QTS Maths Test Preparation

Passing the numeracy skills test is not as easy as some people think. With only 18 seconds on the mental arithmetic section questions and maths that most won't have seen since GCSE, the QTS Maths test can be quite a challenge. There are a number of numeracy skills test books out there that offer a good introduction into the QTS Maths Test but are not usually sufficient practice for the actual exam as the format is all computerised with online answer submission and a timer something which a book obviously can't offer. The best preparation for the QTS Maths Test is using online practice tests in the same format as the professional numeracy skills tests. QTS Maths Tutor is the best website for numeracy skills practice tests, as in addition to the 21 tests they also have many more resources and unlike all the other testing sites, QTS Maths Tutor is updated on a monthly basis to reflect question change in the actual exam.

The 4 government tests on the STA website are useful but people fall into the trap of using them over and over again which results in a false sense of improvement. Other great QTS Maths Test resources include topic revision tests which help you to work through 10 questions that cover one of your weak areas. YouTube videos and model solutions are often quite effective in helping to explain how a question is answered and what the quickest way to that answer is.

There are many numeracy skills test resources out there to help you prepare for the QTS Maths Test, but the conclusion from years of experience helping people to pass this exam is that practice tests are the most effective resource, followed by model solutions. The final thing which will ensure you prepare effectively for you QTS Maths Test is hard work and lots of it! Often intense preparation over a relatively short time period, 4-6 weeks works well.

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