The QTS Maths Test Changes

The QTS Maths Test is something which every prospective teacher has to pass and after the rule changes a few years ago everyone only has three attempts and the tests have got a little harder. With new question types arising following the government trials which lasted 2 years from 2015 to the summer of 2017, more new question types are now arising. At QTS Numeracy Test we work alongside the country's leading provider of numeracy skills practice tests and tuition, QTS Maths Tutor. If you are looking for revision materials for your QTS Skills Tests then QTS Maths Tutor is the place to go. With all the recent changes and question updates to the test it is more important than ever to access a resource that is kept up to date. Providers such as Numeracy Ready and G&A Numerical and QTS Maths Tests don't appear to have updated their tests in a number of months if not years in some cases and although these test providers still have some use it diminishes over time as the question types provided by Learndirect are constantly updated. If you are looking for a QTS Skills Test tutor or numeracy skills practice tests then get in touch today, browse our site or head straight over to QTS Maths Tutor.

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