How can I pass the numeracy skills test?

There are many different things which people do in order to help them pass the professional numeracy skills test. The first thing many people do is purchase numeracy skills test books and start revising from them. Most then go on to take the free government numeracy skills tests on the STA website and then look to book their first attempt. At QTS Numeracy Test we have the benefit of experience and of talking to hundreds if not thousands of people who have prepared for and passed their numeracy skills test. The question many ask is, how can I pass the numeracy skills test? We think all prospective teachers should consider the following:

  1. Read about the numeracy skills test format and understand what the exam entails. You can do this by purchasing a numeracy skills test book, or by simply reading the information provided on the government site and sites like QTS Maths Tutor.

  2. Purchase a professional numeracy skills practice test package, we recommend QTS Maths Tutor as we can vouch for how authentic and up to date they keep their qts maths tests.

  3. Practice as much as you can and a short intense revision routine seems to work well.

  4. If you are struggling to hit the numeracy skills test pass mark which is often reported to be around 18 out of 28, then consider booking a professional numeracy skills tutor.

Good luck with your numeracy skills test revision!

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