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The professional numeracy skills test is a daunting prospect for many soon to be teachers and it is often the last hurdle that many have to overcome in order to gain entry on to their teacher training course. At QTS Numeracy Test we do everything to help the people that use our website and service to become QTS ready which means ready to take and pass your numeracy skills test.

Who updates their QTS Maths Tests?

In order to get ready for your professional skills test it is essential that you select a testing package which is up to date with the new question types seen in the exam. Some testing providers such as Numeracy Ready, haven’t appeared to update their tests in over 3 years despite the government introducing many new types of questions. From 2015 to the summer of 2017 the government ran a trial alongside Learndirect to see what new types of questions should be included in the professional numeracy skills test and after this trial was concluded last summer, the new questions were introduced. Since then QTS Maths Tutor our partner site, have been monitoring the types of questions that have been appearing on the professional numeracy skills test by requesting feedback from students who have sat it. They have updated their tests every week since that point in order to incorporate the new types of questions, ensuring their tests stay relevant. We monitor all providers of QTS Maths Tests and we know that other providers have been really slow to respond or in some instances, such as Numeracy Ready, haven’t responded at all. This means that prospective teachers who are in the process of preparing for one of the most important exams of their life are being sold test packages with questions which are outdated and not as relevant.

Who provides independent customer reviews?

There are many different numeracy skills test providers out there including QTS Maths Tutor and Numeracy Ready, but who can you trust to deliver the most accurate tests? Well rather than take our word for it or the word of the test provider we think it is best to look for independent reviews. All providers including Numeracy Ready provide reviews on their website, we are not indicating that these reviews are false but if the company decides what reviews to display and which feedback to exclude then how useful are the reviews? QTS Maths Tutor is the only numeracy skills test provider to actually offer independent reviews via a third party company, Trust Pilot. Trust Pilot verify every review and even remove reviews they think are disingenuous; therefore users of the QTS Maths Tutor tests along with the guidance of Trust Pilot, control the reviews and ensure all reviews, good or bad, are shown. We encourage all people who are preparing for their professional numeracy skills test to look for providers who offer independent reviews.

Who has a realistic test format?

Everyone knows that the professional numeracy skills test is sat on a computer program where you have to use an onscreen calculator and input your answers. Providers such as Numeracy Ready provide tests where you have to use your own calculator and write your answers on paper. The Numeracy Ready tests do allow you to practice the topics which come up in the test, so they do provide fraction and conversion questions along with cumulative frequency curve questions etc however they do not have interactive online answer submission or the onscreen calculator which are essential parts of the professional numeracy skills test.

Who enables students to use 25% additional time?

There are a couple of providers out there with this functionality including G&A Numerical and QTS Maths Tutor. The Numeracy Ready tests are not in the same format as the actual exam, so the questions do not move from one to the next automatically like they do in the exam and there is no option for 25% additional time.

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