Numeracy Skills Test Tuition

There are thousands of prospective teachers every year, all of whom have to pass their professional QTS skills tests before they can continue with their teacher training. The government statistics show that far fewer people pass the numeracy skills test in comparison to the literacy skills test which is obviously due to many people struggling with Maths and the test is pretty tricky. For those who haven't studied Maths in a few years or those who struggled to get a grade C at GCSE, you may find that the test is really hard and you want that extra help. Well at QTS Numeracy Test, we can help. Our numeracy skills test tutors are experts in this test. They work with people every day helping them to overcome any difficulties they are having'; whether that is fraction questions on the mental arithmetic section or understanding how to interpret cumulative frequency curves on the written section. Whatever your background or ability in Maths our expert QTS Maths Test tutors will be able to help boost your confidence, teach you what you need to know and get your numeracy ready enough to pass your professional numeracy skills test.

Whether you want to book an expert numeracy skills test tutor or if you want to enquire about our online qts maths tests, then get in touch today and our friendly team at QTS Numeracy Test will be more than happy to help.

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