Who Has To Take The Numeracy Skills Test?

Anyone who wants to become a teacher in England, whether that is a GCSE Maths teacher in a secondary school or an English teacher in primary school, has to pass the numeracy skills test. This is easier said than done for many as the QTS Maths test is pretty tricky and without the right preparation most people would fail the test. This is backed up with the government statistics which show that the pass rate for the numeracy skills test is much lower than the literacy skills test with thousands of people failing it multiple times and in many cases being locked out for 2 years. At QTS Numeracy Test we look to provide information and support to help people prepare for and overcome the numeracy skills test. Our best piece of advice is to access the best revision materials by visiting QTS Maths Tutor directly. As a partner we do offer an exclusive discount to the people who use our site, all you need to do is go to the qts numeracy test homepage and look for a promotional offer or a discount code which we update regularly. If you are looking to pass your numeracy skills test, don’t worry we can help and along with the resources suggested above you have a great chance of passing. For those who really aren’t confident in Maths then numeracy skills tutors are always an option and through our site we can look to arrange this for you.

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