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If you are looking for professional skills test information then you have arrived in the right place. At QTS Numeracy Test we provide up to date information and guidance for both professional skills tests. From QTS Skills Test tutors to numeracy skills test resources to tips about how to pass your literacy skills test, we offer a wealth of information and resource tips to help you pass both professional skills tests. The following is a sample of things you may want to look at when preparing for your QTS Skills Tests.

  1. The governments free tests: Although these are a few years old they are still good practice and you can at least get 4 free tests before looking elsewhere.

  2. Numeracy skills books: These are fine as an introduction to the qts numeracy skills test but you will need other resources to prepare effectively.

  3. Numeracy skills practice tests. These are the must have when preparing for your numeracy skills test.

  4. Free literacy skills test resources. This is a good way to access free resources to help you prepare for your literacy exam.

  5. QTS Skills Test tutors. If you find revising from the other suggested resources difficult or you are struggling to make progress on your own then you could always get an expert tutor in to help.

To find out more information about both professional skills tests visit our dedicated page or contact us if you have some specific questions about the tests or you want to know about how our service can help.

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