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Many people who struggle with Maths think they have seen the back of Maths tests when they have finished their GCSE, they then apply to become a teacher and find out they pass two QTS Skills Tests, one of which is the numeracy skills test. Some people then decide to get some external help in the form of a numeracy skills tutor whilst others choose to brave it alone and work through practice tests and numeracy skills books. There are some prospective teachers who take their numeracy skills test twice and fail and then on their third and final attempt look to book a private tutor. Our advice is that if you are struggling to get at least 18 on the government numeracy skills tests then you are not numeracy ready for your test. We therefore suggest you either look to get help from a tutor or look for other resources to help you improve, those on QTS Maths Tutor for instance where you can access model solutions and 21 numeracy skills practice tests. If after using these resources you are still finding that you are struggling to achieve at least 18 on the tests then it may be a case of booking a tutor then. You can leave it until your third and final attempt but then you have the added pressure to content with which can also make things harder.

The common mistake we see people make when booking a tutor for the numeracy skills test is booking a GCSE Maths tutor who has little to no experience with the numeracy skills test. The Maths tutors will be able to help you with the content of the exam as there is a big crossover with the GCSE but they are unlikely to know the intricacies of the exam and the tricks you need to know for the mental arithmetic part of the test as the methods used here aren’t required in the GCSE, at least not in the strict time limit like you have for the numeracy skills test.

Whether you are looking for a numeracy skills tutor in Leeds or a QTS Maths tutor in London, contact us today and we would be happy to help.

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