Department for Education Numeracy Skills Test Video Solutions

The numeracy skills test is quite a tricky test which all prospective teachers in England and Wales have to pass in order to gain their qualified teacher status. At QTS Numeracy Test we provide support and guidance to help people to effectively prepare for their professional qts maths test. In this blog we are highlighting what we think are the best free tutorials out there.

The typical path that a student takes on their way to taking the professional numeracy skills test is to first purchase a numeracy skills book and then to move on to the 4 free government tests on the department for educations website, the site. Although there are answers to these tests there are no model solutions and people are left to try and work out what method to use in order to get to the right answer. Well there are others out there who have kindly gone through all of the tests producing model solutions for each and every question on the government tests.

You can view all of the numeracy skills government test model solutions here along with a free numeracy skills test and model solutions for that test as well. The following videos explain how every question on the professional numeracy skills test can be answered and they explain what methods you can use to get there. The videos are named test 1 to 4 with different names for each to highlight all of the different terms used to describe them but essentially they are the 4 government test model solutions.

Numeracy Skills government test 1

The government QTS Maths test 2

The Department of Education test 3

The professional numeracy skills test 4

The model solutions to the QTS Maths Tutor free practice test.

At QTS Numeracy Test we are always looking to help people to become Numeracy Ready. Contact us today for more information about the resources and tuition available for the numeracy skills test in your area.

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