Professional Skills Test Changes

At QTS Numeracy Test we constantly update our site to reflect changes in the QTS Skills Test guidelines and regulations. This week we have seen significant changes to the profession QTS Skills Tests. The 2 year lock out rule which banned people from taking their test more than 3 times has been abolished. This has opened the door again to thousands more prospective teachers who either had to delay their dream of starting their training to become a qualified teacher or for some totally reconsider their career path.

Now many people are asking does this mean the professional skills tests are easier. The short answer is no, the tests are still as difficult it just you have more attempts so there isn’t as much pressure as long as you pass the tests before your training provider deadline. If anything the question types over the last 9 months have become more challenging and varied based on the reports from students taking the tests, especially the numeracy skills test where new question types seem to appear nearly every week. To view the most recent new questions for the numeracy skills test you can visit QTS Maths Tutor.

Click here to find out more about the QTS Skills Test changes and the abolition of the 2 year lock out period.

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