Teach First Numerical Reasoning Test

For those who are successful in navigating the Teach First application process and assessment centre then waiting at the end of your application process is the professional numeracy skills test. Regardless of your academic background every person who wants to become a qualified teacher in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has to pass both QTS Skills Tests. Many people, even those who managed to get onto the Teach First program, often find the numeracy skills test the trickier of the two.

If you have applied for other graduate schemes you may have been subjected to other numerical reasoning tests which will have helped you gain some practice and confidence but it must be noted that the Teach First professional numeracy skills test is in a different format and has different timings to other numerical reasoning tests.

No other numerical reasoning test for any other graduate scheme application has a mental arithmetic section where you have questions read out over a headset and then you have 18 seconds to answer the question, without the use of a calculator. This is totally different to the percentage change and ratio questions you may have seen on things like the KPGM numerical reasoning test for instance.

At QTS Numeracy Test we can help you pass your professional numeracy skills tests so that you can continue onto your Teach First Graduate scheme and become a fully-fledged, qualified teacher.

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