Mental Arithmetic Practice Questions

The QTS Skills Tests are difficult to pass but most people struggle with the numeracy skills aspect of the tests, especially the mental arithmetic section. The professional numeracy skills test is comprised of two distinct section, the first is the mental arithmetic section which is made up of 12 questions that are asked in a sequential order that you are unable to change, so basically you have to answer them in order one after the other. Once a question has been answered you are unable to go back. Each question is read out twice before an 18 second pause to enable you to complete your calculation and submit it in the onscreen answer box.

The two important things to remember about the mental arithmetic section are that you will need speed and accuracy. These are achieved through practice and through knowing the correct methods to answer certain questions. You must know your timetables quickly and decimal, percentages and fraction conversion should also be memorised. Click here to get a mental arithmetic help sheet that shows you all of the conversions you need to know.

The one thing that you must do when preparing for your professional numeracy skills test is to complete mental arithmetic practice questions. These mental arithmetic practice questions can be accessed via QTS Maths Tutor, the best qts skills test practice site there is.

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