The QTS Numeracy Skills Test Videos

1. The numeracy skills test contains many different types of pie chart questions which should be extensively practiced before you go to take your final exam.

2. Dates and times questions appear quite frequently in the qts maths test with many different scenarios ranging from birthdays to school trips and lesson timings.

3. Many people think that two way tables are quite tricky, especially if you have had limited practice. See the two way tables video link below for more practise.

4. Area and Volume questions didn’t use to appear in the actual numeracy skills test but they are becoming more and more common which is why it is essential that you revise the different types of shapes that can come up and how to calculate their area and volume.

5. General equations have been a staple part of the numeracy skills test since its inception. You have to be able to use substitution skills confidently in order to master this topic.

6. There are many other charts and tables questions that do appear in the qts maths test and many of these examples can be seen in the following video.

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