The Numeracy Skills Test Videos

The numeracy skills test requires a lot of practise and a great way to do this is by using YouTube videos created by the country’s leading providing of QTS Maths Tests and tuition. Use the following videos as part of your numeracy skills preparation and pass your qts skills tests first time.

1. cumulative frequency curve questions are a common question type to appear in the qts maths test. See the video questions and solutions below.

2. Two way scatter graphs catch many people out to begin with so practise of them is essential to learn the method of how to read them.

3. Addition, multiplication and long division video below shows methods you can use in the mental arithmetic part of the test to help you with these basic concepts that feed into so many question types.

4. Conversion questions are a common feature in the numeracy skills test. Have a go at the following questions and use the model solutions within the video to help you learn the techniques.

5. Percentages, fraction and ratios are in both the mental arithmetic section of the test as well as the written part of the exam. The following video will show you methods to use on the mental arithmetic section.

6. Percentages, fraction and ratios also come up in the written section. See the following video for more practise on the written data questions.

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