The Literacy Skills Test

The QTS literacy skills test has to be passed in order for people to progress with their teacher training. The professional literacy skills test is composed of 4 sections. The first section is spelling, where you listen to audio that says a word which you then have to spell correctly by typing it into the answer box. You can listen to each audio as many times as you wish and there are 10 questions to complete in this section. We recommend trying to complete this section within 8 minutes to give you more time on the later sections. The punctuation part of the test requires you to find 15 missing punctuation points. This punctuation part of the literacy skills test is worth 15 marks.

The third part of the professional literacy skills test is the grammar section, where you need to spend a little more time reading and thinking about which sentences fit together most appropriately. The grammar section is often broken up in to parts A to C with each part having 3 to 4 marks. The final aspect of the qts literacy test is the comprehension section which is arguably the most difficult for many prospective teachers as it is the most ambiguous. Like the grammar section, this is often broken up in to sub sections which have 3-4 marks in each. With all aspect of this test it is essential that you get plenty of practise which is why we recommend looking at literacy skills practice tests in the build up to the exam.

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