Professional Numeracy Skills Test

The professional numeracy skills test is one of those exams that many people dislike. It is often the final thing preventing a n aspiring teacher from starting their initial teacher training as it is an essential requirement in England and Wales.

The numeracy skills test is composed of two sections, the mental arithmetic and written data section. The mental arithmetic questions are audio questions that are read out twice, then you have 18 seconds to type in and submit your answer. The written data section is more based around knowledge of charts, tables and of course data. You will see all sorts of topics from cumulative frequency curves to box plots and pie charts.

At Qts Numeracy Test we are here to help people prepare for and pass their professional numeracy skills test. From numeracy skills books to free numeracy skills practice tests, we have a whole host of resources to help people to prepare for the exam. If you are looking to prepare for your professional skills test then get in touch today. For those who really struggle we can also look to arrange one to one tuition with a specialist tutor. Whether you are looking for a maths tutor in Leeds or a QTS specialist in London, we can help.

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