QTS Skills Test Books

When people are preparing for their professional skills tests they often start by purchasing a qts skills test book. These books are a good introduction into both the numeracy and literacy skills test. Understanding the format of the tests, how many questions there are, timing etc is a good place to begin.

The best numeracy skills test books are all detailed on multiple reviews on the internet. The best books often have more examples and explanations with mock exams that you can take almost like the real thing. You can purchase these numeracy skills test books on amazon or other providers like ebay. If you are preparing for your qts skills tests and you are thinking about purchasing a combined book, our advice would be to read the reviews and see how many pages the book offers. Often the combined books contain very few examples and very explanations and therefore offer poor value for money as you will have to buy another book anyway. We think sticking with a dedicated numeracy skills test book is the best way to go.

Other qts skills test books focus on the professional literacy skills test. These books cover the spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension parts of the skills test. The good ones contain top tips on how to navigate each section and how to practise techniques that will help improve your spelling. The best literacy skills test book is one which clearly explains each part of the exam and then gives you plenty of practice questions to put into practise what you have learnt. They will also contain plenty of mock exams at the end of the book.

Whichever qts skills test book you decide to go for make sure you also look to practise numeracy and literacy skills tests online to get the real authentic feel for the exam.

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