QTS Skills Test Books

If you are starting out with your prep for the professional skills tests and you are wondering which books to buy, well we have a few suggestions that you may find useful. As we are linked with QTS Maths Tutor we naturally look through all of their resource and products as they can come out. They have recently produced some new additions to the their resource list along with updates to existing qts books. The following details the three books we would recommend buying.

1. The Numeracy Skills Test Book: This contains multiple examples and explanations with hundreds of mental arithmetic questions. This qts book contains plenty of explanations and solutions different questions. There is also a numeracy skills test mock.

2. Pass Your Literacy Skills Test Book: This qts skills book has many practice questions for each of the four sections: spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension. There is also explanations and tips for how to best revise each section and what common mistakes people make in the test.

3. The QTS Skills Test Mock Exams Book: This contains 8 full mock exams in paper format obviously. There are 4 numeracy mocks and 4 literacy mocks. This is a great supplementary book to the other two qts skills test books as it provides even more practise but in an exam format so you can check your progress and quickly identify the areas of the test you still need to work on.

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