Skills Test Practice

Practising for the qts skills tests can be a daunting task, Where do you start? What do you use? Do you buy a qts skills test book? Do I pay for practice tests?

QTS Numeracy Test is here to help! When thinking about your skills test practice a good place to start is which test to go for first. It is often advised to practise for one test at a time so you can focus and cover more material over a shorter period of time. We usually say pick the test you are most confident with first and hopefully you can pass that without too much support. When you begin your revision, qts skills test books can be a useful place to start but they won't provide you with the skills test practice in the same format as the exams. Which is why we advise that people look at a testing provider once they have used all of the practice tests on the department for education website. Sitting exam after exam in the same mode as the real test can help you to get use to the format (especially the mental arithmetic section of the numeracy test), introduce you to the different types of questions and help you to improve your exam technique whilst identifying question types that you need to work on.

Thinking and planning your skills test practice and revision can help save time and mean you are more effectively prepared for your exams. Although you do have multiple free attempts to pass the exams, we know from experience that deadlines get closer and people get more and more anxious and the test becomes more difficult to pass in these cirucmstances which is why it is advisable to get revising early to make sure that the deadline you ITT sets doesn't put more pressure on you.

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